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Inspired Media Productions

This has been the most useful way to get photos to parents since Inspired Media Productions began working with St. Andrew Church.

Using the options you will find here, you’ll be able to browse through the galleries and look for the images you may want.

Like any online store just select the images you want. You can pick the type of photo whether its a standard glossy print or a stretched canvas or even a coffee mug.

You’ll see the thumbnail previews in each gallery. Once you find a photo you want, click on the picutre to the right of your screen to bring up a preview size. Here you will have the options to buy the photo and add it to your cart.

Once you pick your photo, you’ll be given options for what you want to print it on, what size, finish options and more. Once you’re done going through all the photos you like and have your shopping cart ready, go ahead and check out.

We do offer special coupons that should have been included in your email letting you know the photos are ready. There are also package deals that help even more when selecting your memories.


Pictures are free to download in any of the albums labeled free. Just like when you are shopping for the photos, you will notice icons on the bottom of the photo. You need to be in the full preview mode of the photo.

Download ready to print photos:
There is a download icon that will begin downloading the photo to your computer. This download is the full size photo you can use to make your prints from.
 You can save this file to a thumb drive and take it to any photo processing center like Walgreens, WalMart or CVS.
You can also choose to save the photo to any online photo storage and print service like Amazon photos or Shutterfly.

Downloads for digital uses:
You have your photo and you want to not only print it but share it with your friends and family on your social networks. This site also gives you the option to create digital ready, lower resolution files. Right next to the buy button, there is an icon with a few rectangles.

When you hover your mouse over this icon, it will say ‘Sizes’. You can pick digital size pictures with this option. When you change the size of the image, you will see the preview picture change on screen. Sizes will range from small to LoRes 2Mpix(x3).

I would recommend the LoRes 2Mpix(x3) for posting on Facebook or any other platform. Right click on the image to save it to your computer.

Premium Downloads:

Those pictures in the premium galleries are handled differently. You will find the option to download once you press the ‘Buy Photo’ button. Here you will be given the same size options offered with the free downloads but this time you will need to select the photos and add them to your cart. Downloads are 99 cents.

If you have any issue or need further help, please email us.