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More and more people are buying property online without stepping foot in the home. Quality and accurate photos and videos are important now more than ever.

Curb appeal is what will help sell a house.

How do you get the best curb appeal when you’re listing a property online? You could certainly get to the property with a cell phone or a decent point and click camera. However, do you know what to watch out for when snapping those pictures?

Every photo is different. You can be shooting in the same room and still have photos not look the same.

How would you take a picture in a room where there are mirrors on both, if not all, walls?
Your reflection is going to wind up in that photo.

How do you take a picture of a beautiful view from a sunroom looking out over the Gulf without all the detail and colors get washed out from the picture?
That picture could be the one that makes a person fall in love with the house and schedule a walkthrough.

A professional photographer is going to come in with the right equipment, maintain a professional demeanor when working with the real estate agent and the homeowners, and leave the house just the way it looked when they entered it. Processing and editing the photos are also mandatory for the best picture quality that will sell that home.