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This website is meant to be a one stop shop for you.

Having said that, you can choose whether you want to order prints off this site or download them.

What is the difference between downloading the photos for free or having to pay for prints?

To make things easier, you can purchase most any size print. You can also choose a variety of ways to print your pictures. From normal prints to large size prints to canvas style prints and even iPhone cases, you have many options for your photos.

Cost Comparison 8x10 print
Walgreens $3.99
CVS $3.99

Shutterfly (Online Photo Print Site) $3.99

Our cost: $5.99

Our prices are a bit more but still less than most professional photo studios charge for prints. An 8 x 10 in some cases can cost you $14.00 per print. We charge a little more because each picture is cropped, color adjusted and filters applied.

Photos are not always the same and some photos require a few extra steps or different adjustments. Photos done through online stores or even the local photo processing center near you just have standard photo editing tools.

Each of our photos are processed through Adobe Photoshop, the industry standard. Having used Photoshop throughout my career, you get that expertise that your average store employee likely doesn’t have.

Online sites will run standard computer algorithms that treat every photo nearly the same. The amount of photos a site would have to process on a daily basis would make the extra care and attention you get with an Inspired Media Productions photo rare or you’d have to pay extra for their photo services to process them further.

Add to that any of our coupon offers or package deals, and you can be looking at saving even more money.

Packages and Coupons

When you go to buy your photos, you can choose one of our packages. There are some options to choose. Buying a package will save you money from ordering each of the same prints individually.

Because of this, coupons don't apply to our packages. We are offering the chance to save as well as get free photos as well, so these are the best bargain when it comes to buying photos.

We have coupons that will save you money as well. The codes for these should have been given in your email.

Using one of our packages

When you find the first photo you like, you can click on the 'Buy' button. You'll be given a few options including a 'Buy Photo Package'. Click this link to bring up the available packages and make your selection.

Once you do that,  you can use the same photo for each picture or you can choose any other photos that you like. Once you have met the requirements of the package offer, you can go to your shopping cart.

You can still add photos to your order at this time as well.

We understood that some of the photos were free?

In those cases where a church may have paid for some of the photos to be free, you will be able to download those photos at no cost from the selections that we agree on with the church that are free.

You would still need to pay for prints once you take those downloaded images to a photo printing service. This site just makes it a little easier for you to pick the same sizes and finishes but its also coming from a professional photo lab. In addition you can choose from other sort of options like canvas prints, coffee mugs and even iPhone cases.

Refund Policy

If you aren’t happy with your print, please email us and we can make arrangements to take a look at the print and, if needed, we’ll replace that print at no additional cost to you.

We do our best to make sure that you get the best image possible. We fine tune and process the images to the best of our abilities, including sharpening photos that are a little blurred or other events.

While digital cameras keep improving and we average thousands of pictures shot for an event. It is impossible to not have a few images out of those images be a little blurry if the focus point of the camera jumped to another point. 

Thank you and I hope your pictures have captured the memory of your special day.

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