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Looking through a lens is different for every person.

For the photographer, its capturing that perfect moment that is meant to be shared.
For those having their pictures taken, its capturing what can be a once in a lifetime memory.

Sometimes it's as easy as being in the right place at the right time.
Other times its keeping your camera focused on a subject waiting for the right moment to snap the picture.

The most important factor a photographer can give is trust. When looking for a professional photographer it’s about building a relationship, starting with trust:
Trust to be at your event not just on time but early.
Trust that they will be able to see the venue in advance and get an idea of the event schedule.
Trust that they will be able to blend in and not be a distraction as they take pictures.
Trust that you are handing them control that your perfect, once in a lifetime moment is not a blurry, out of focus disaster.
Trust that they will be able to process any photo professionally.

In the olden days of film and manual cameras, it was always a nerve wracking process wondering if your photos would turn out. I remember taking pictures for my college newspaper on semester and each assignment I would wonder if they would even be suitable for print.

While it probably wasn’t the best environment, there was something about developing film and processing prints in a dark room. Something that most photo students today will rarely experience.

After my one semester as a photographer for the college paper, I was happy to change that following semester to Editorial Cartoonist and Freelance Artist. Later I would have the chance to create my very own comic strip. While I missed the feeling that comes with taking pictures, I knew I had better control of my art.

Advertising was my first career choice as a graphic artist. During this time I was able to go to studios in Chicago and learn how to take product shots or work with models.

When my career took me into the newsroom, I began working with photo journalists, some that taught me valuable lessons that I never would have learned if not for working with them during breaking news events.

As digital photography slowly started making its way into the newspaper industry, I was able to learn photo processing on my own and with photo techs along the way. Learning that a good cutout is more than just erasing the background.

With the advent of the Internet and later high speed Internet, things changed in the newsroom as well.

No longer was I just a graphic artist but also started to learn about shooting and editing video.

Once I relocated in Cape Coral, I became the event photographer for St. Andrew Catholic Church and School for a few years.

Later, Inspired Media Productions was created in 2018 to be a small but dedicated, one stop visual shop. We’ve shot graduations, confirmations, business portraits, family events and first communions.

The main camera utilized is a Nikon D500 and a D700 Backup. Professional quality lenses for every shooting need whether its up close for portraits or at a distance capturing moments at your event.

We never shoot an event without using two SD cards, so that in the event a card goes bad, the second card is still capturing pictures.   

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